Unit 222

Units 222 Working in the Legal Environment

Level: 2

Accreditation unit reference: T/505/1725

Credit value: 12

Guided learning hours: 104

Unit aim: The aim of this unit is to enable the learner to develop the knowledge and skills to understand and operate in different organisational structures and be aware of how relevant legislation, regulations and procedures apply to the legal and business environments. The learner will also develop an understanding of working relationships, effective communication skills and internal and external customer service.

There are five learning outcomes to this unit:

Outcome 1: understand the roles and responsibilities of personnel within a legal office

The learner can:

  • describe different departments found in a legal office and the work undertaken within these
  • produce organisational charts showing the individual roles of personnel within a legal office
  • describe main aspects of work carried out by the different levels of staff within a legal office
  • identify the main points included in a written contract of employment
  • describe the individual’s employment rights and responsibilities.

Outcome 2: understand the role and responsibilities of the legal secretary

The learner can:

  • produce documentation according to styles and layouts acceptable for business correspondence
  • describe how to maintain general office equipment in good working order
  • explain the features and uses of a photocopier
  • identify ways of minimising office waste
  • describe the basic requirements of copyright legislation in relation to the copying of documents
  • describe the use of manual and electronic information systems
  • describe procedures for maintaining paper-based and electronic filing systems
  • describe different types of media storage devices
  • describe procedures for dealing with incoming and outgoing mail
  • identify the advantages and disadvantages of postal methods
  • use methods of communication according to the organisation’s policies and procedures
  • describe barriers to effective communication and how they can be overcome
  • perform simple calculations.

Outcome 3: know the relevant legislation, policies and procedures that apply to the business environment

The learner can:

  • state current legislation in terms of health, safety and welfare of employees and visitors
  • describe the role and responsibilities of the first-aider and/or appointed person in the organisation
  • identify potential hazards and risks in a given work area.

Outcome 4: understand how to work as a member of a legal team

The learner can:

  • organise and prioritise tasks to manage own workload in order to meet deadlines
  • identify tools to manage own workload
  • explain ways of maintaining a manageable workload in order to maximise the use of time
  • describe circumstances in which deadlines cannot be met
  • explain the importance of creating and maintaining productive working relationships with others
  • describe ways of communicating within a team
  • describe different channels of internal communication.

Outcome 5: understand the importance of establishing and maintaining customer relationships in the legal environment

The learner can:

  • identify different types of internal and external customers
  • explain the benefits of establishing and maintaining customer/client relationships that promote business
  • describe organisational methods that create and maintain positive customer/client relationships
  • explain the role of the individual in creating a positive and professional image to meet customer expectations
  • state the limit of own authority and what to do once that is reached
  • describe procedures for dealing with customer/client complaints.