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Embrace the power of apprenticeships to sculpt a skilled and motivated team, tailored to meet the unique demands of your business. Apprenticeships provide a robust solution for efficiency and productivity, whilst playing a pivotal role in elevating your workplace culture.

Now is the perfect time to employ an apprentice.

Apprenticeships offer a versatile approach, allowing you to develop your current staff, recruit fresh talent, meet your CSR objectives and maximise the benefits of apprenticeship payments. It’s a strategic move to cultivate a skilled and diverse workforce while making a positive impact on your business and the community.

  • Increase efficiency and productivity: apprentices learn valuable skills and knowledge in a specific job role relevant to your company. Progressing through training and study programmes to gradually increase their responsibility as they grow in their role.
  • Recruit and retain a diverse, talented workforce: our range of apprenticeships blend legal expertise with hands-on experience, developing specialists that bring a range of dynamic skills and perspectives to your workforce.
  • Leverage the levy: optimise your levy payments by investing in to upskilling and developing your staff. Take a strategic approach to ongoing workforce development, ensuring your team is equipped with the latest skills and knowledge to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.
  • Develop your staff: unlock the potential of your existing staff with flexible entry points, allowing for seamless development and retention within your company.
  • Recruit fresh talent: apprenticeships attract a diverse range of individuals, enriching your talent pool and contributing to the enhancement of your workplace culture.

Embarking on an apprenticeship programme forms a collaborative three-way partnership, between you, your employees chosen training provider who will be responsible for delivering the off-the-job study element and your chosen End Point Assessment Organisation.

Train your staff with apprenticeships through CILEX Law School

Apprenticeships are ideal for elevating the skill set, fostering growth and investing in the future of your workforce.

Through CILEX Law School we offer three apprenticeships, supporting the progression of your staff from junior roles in the legal profession to qualified lawyer status.

Upskill your Business Administrators

Level 3 Business Administrator apprenticeship

Set at A-level equivalent, this programme is ideal if your staff have no law experience, have completed an intermediate apprenticeship or have some prior experience in a business or administration role. It focuses upon those working in business administration roles within a legal environment.

  • Duration: 18-month programme
  • Benefits: Develops the highly transferable skills needed to develop, maintain and improve essential administrative services.
  • Typical role: Legal Secretary, Business Administrators
  • Off-the-job learning requirement: minimum six hours per week

Train qualified Paralegals

Level 3 Paralegal apprenticeship

This apprenticeship provides a great entry point into the legal profession. The Paralegal apprenticeship is intended to be a destination in its own right but can also be considered as a stepping stone onto multiple progression routes, including the Level 6 Chartered Legal Executive and Level 7 Chartered legal Executive Litigator and Advocate apprenticeships, the CILEX Professional Qualification, the Solicitor Apprenticeship and High Education (both legal and non-legal).

  • Duration: 24-month programme 
  • Benefits: Develops fundamental legal knowledge and skills, as well as practical skills such as the use of technology and commercial awareness. Emphasis is on swift development of practical skills meaning that apprentices can make a real contribution to the work of their team at an early stage.
  • Typical role: Paralegal, Legal Caseworker, Legal Assistant, Legal File Handler.
  • Off-the-job learning requirement: minimum six hours per week

Train qualified CILEX Lawyers

Level 6 Chartered Legal Executive or Level 7 Chartered Legal Executive Litigator and Advocate apprenticeships

These apprenticeships are designed for individuals who are dedicated to gaining Lawyer status and attaining the esteemed title of Chartered CILEX Lawyer status. Upon completion, it grants full practice rights in both non-contentious and contentious areas of law.

  • Benefits: Incorporating the CILEX Professional Qualification (CPQ) as a mandatory part of the on-programme learning ensures a gradual enhancement of employees’ workplace skills. This not only empowers them but provides you with a valuable benchmark to gauge their progress effectively.
  • Typical roles: CILEX Lawyer, Chartered Legal Executive, Chartered Legal Executive Litigator and Advocate.
  • Off-the-job learning requirement: minimum six hours per week

*Anyone completing this apprenticeship must be in a role which meets CILEX Regulation’s requirements for qualifying employment during the final years of their apprenticeship.

To learn more about our apprenticeships, please download our Apprenticeship Guide below.

Download our Apprenticeship Guide

Who is eligible to be an apprentice?

Apprentices must be over 16 years old and live in England. Whilst all apprenticeships are open to both new and existing staff, government funding rules mean that all apprentices must require the development of significant new knowledge, skills and behaviours in their role.

Please contact us for further information about eligibility and entry requirements.

Welsh Apprenticeship in Legal Services

If you are based in Wales, you can learn about apprenticeships based in your area below.

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