Pre-release Case Study Materials

June 2018 Pre-release Case Study Materials

The Pre-release Case Study Materials for the June 2018 practice papers are available below.

The Case Study Materials are primarily being made available on the website for candidates who are re-taking practice examinations in June 2018.

Learners taking practice exams for the first time in June 2018 - Centre tutors will discuss the case studies with their learners in advance of the examinations, at a point in the delivery of the course when the tutor considers the learners are ready to look at the Pre-release Case Study Materials.

Learners are reminded that they are not permitted to take their own copy of the Case Study Materials with them into the examination. Learners will be provided with a clean copy of the Case Study Materials in the examination.

The organisations, individuals and scenarios contained within these Case Study Materials are fictitious.

*PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING GUIDANCE for Learners studying the June 2018 Level 6 Unit 15 Civil Litigation Examination CPR Guidance

Level 3

Level 6

Please Note: CILEx does not pre-release Case Study Materials for the Level 4 Practice units. The Supporting Materials for the Level 4 Practice units are made available to candidates in the examination.