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As part of our CILEX Reforms Consultation, we have proposed the introduction of a Chartered Paralegal status, providing recognition for experienced paralegals alongside clear regulation and standards.

We are formally applying to the Privy Council to obtain approval for the necessary changes to CILEX’s Royal Charter and byelaws. In the meantime, please register your interest below and our team will be in touch.

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What is a Chartered Paralegal?

A Chartered Paralegal is an experienced legal professional, demonstrating significant work experience combining both commercial awareness and legal expertise.

We’ve worked with employers to determine clear standards for Chartered Paralegals. They are regulated and visible on a public register, providing reassurance on their level of expertise and quality of service for both your organisation and your clients.

To be eligible, employees must have been working in a legal role for over 5 years and are able to demonstrate extensive legal knowledge and competence across key duties and behaviours.

Benefits of Chartered Paralegals to your organisation

Chartered Paralegals will bring benefits to your organisation, employees and clients.

  • Reward and retain talent
    Recognising the talent and contribution of Chartered Paralegals will result in more motivated and committed employees, reducing turnover and recruitment costs.
  • Greater transparency and reduced risk
    With clear standards and a public register of Chartered Paralegals, both you and your clients will have confidence and clarity of the skills within the team, and the rates at which they are charged.
  • Become the employer of choice
    Set yourself apart from the competition, attracting talented candidates across a broad range of skillsets and backgrounds.
  • Build talented and diverse teams
    Create a legal team with a more diverse mix of roles and levels required for success, to better meet client needs and to demonstrate your commitment to EDI.

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We’re here to help you meet your business goals. Whether that’s through Chartered Paralegal membership, qualifications, or supporting you to develop your talent development strategy, we’ll work with you to create a winning legal team.

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