Policy & Public Affairs

We campaign to government and others for legislative and policy changes to improve the working environment for our members, create opportunities to practise and remove barriers to their development. We do this by constantly engaging with members, to better understand their needs and create a strong evidence base for change which also benefits the public interest.

Make your voice heard

CILEX engages with stakeholders across the legal sector on a broad range of issues affecting lawyers. We respond to consultations, attend industry fora and events and present our research data to ensure CILEX Lawyers’ perspectives are recognised, demonstrating that their expertise and competence are a vital part of solutions to public policy challenges in the public interest.

The solid foundation of our policy work is made via engagement with members through our Specialist Reference Groups and the expert Advisers drawn from them. To join this team of volunteers, contribute to representing CILEX externally and find out more about work, join your relevant Specialist Reference Group today.

Alternatively, if you have any pressing issues affecting your practice or your firm’s work which you would like to raise as important issues for CILEX to take forward, please contact our CILEX Policy team at [email protected].

Our public affairs work

The CILEX Policy & Public Affairs team advocate on behalf of CILEX members. Our recent successes include:

  • Commitment to legislative change to permit CILEX Lawyers to certify copies of Powers of Attorney. 
  • Commitment to legislative change to extend the range of judicial offices for which CILEX Lawyers are eligible to apply. 
  • Support in principle to making legislative and qualification changes to enable CILEX Lawyers to become Crown Prosecutors. 
  • Government agreement to changing the Criminal Legal Aid Scheme to make it easier for suitable CILEX members to become Duty Lawyers. 

If you would like more information about CILEX’s public affairs work, please contact [email protected].

Press & Media Releases

We regularly produce a wide range of media releases, information and comment. All our media releases are available on our website the same day as publication. 

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