Online Exam Registration for CILEx June 2019 examinations is now open.

Registration will close at noon, (UK time) on 5 April 2019.

Candidates wishing to re-register online for exams taken in the January 2019 session, will be able to do so from noon (UK time) on Saturday 30 March 2019 to noon (UK time) 5 April 2019.

Late entry deadline: Late entries will be accepted after noon (UK time) 5 April 2019 until noon (UK time) 12 April 2019 subject to the payment of an additional £60 late entry fee.

You must enrol as a member of CILEx to take any part of the CILEx Professional Qualification in Law. This is in addition to enrolling with a centre providing CILEx courses. You will not be allowed to take any examination or submit a Professional Skills assessment unless you are registered as a member of CILEx.

Please note:  There is no requirement to register as a member with CILEx to study the new Level 6 Single Subject Certificate.


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