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Our qualifications help thousands of people develop their legal careers every single year and provide employers with outstanding specialist talent. 

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Doing a CILEX qualification comes with CILEX member benefits

Becoming a CILEX member gives you:

  • Joining a professional community of over 17,000 specialist legal professionals
  • Designatory letters to demonstrate your CILEX qualifications and professional standing (N/A for Students but relevant for other grades)
  • Vital career resources and guidelines through our ‘myCareer portal’ to help you flourish in your career
  • Regular professional networking events
  • Exclusive discounts on everything from CPD & training through to holidays, fitness and other perks
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How you can study

There are flexible ways to study CILEX qualifications through our approved training providers.

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The CPQ Framework – Different by Design

The CILEX Professional Qualification Framework is a progressive, competency based qualification framework. Shaped through significant research and consultation with legal employers, the CPQ framework has two distinct features compared to similar qualification pathways:

  • It develops competence as well as knowledge – The CPQ framework is not only designed to develop your legal knowledge, but also designed to develop and test your professional skills and competence. This unique blending of legal knowledge, alongside competency development, results in CILEX Lawyers and CILEX Paralegals being able to add value to employers earlier in their careers and ensuring our graduates have the underlying capabilities to build successful legal careers.
  • Flexibility at its core – The CPQ framework, is a collection of modules designed to cover the breadth and depth of the legal profession as well as some professional and commerical skills. CILEX offers a pre-determined pathway through the framework for both aspiring paralegals and CILEX Lawyers, with multiple entry points. The design of the framework also provides the flexibility to allow customisation of learning, enabling individuals to develop a specialist focus, or to recognise previous legal training.

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Benefits for your organisation

Every organisation needs a legal team that can deliver a diverse range of legal skills, from specialised lawyers to motivated administrative or support staff. We help you to:

  • Build a cost-effective workforce strategy: Working with you to build a legal team for now and the future.
  • Reduce costs: Attract, motivate and retain top talent, minimising turnover and recruitment costs.
  • Develop work-ready lawyers: Our qualifications are designed by employers, for employers, with learners quickly delivering value to your business.
  • Minimise risk: Qualified and regulated legal professionals will give you and your organisation confidence in their skills.

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