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If you have already joined CILEX as a member and/or if you are a current student or apprentice, please use the contact form in your myCILEX account or call our dedicated telephone line +44 (0)1234 841000 (scroll down to view the opening hours) and listen to all the available options before making your selection.

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For enquiries, call our dedicated telephone line +44 (0)1234 841000 and listen to all the available options before making your selection. Our contact telephone hours are as follows:

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Customer Service

Visit our Customer Service page for details on our Customer Service Standards.

Misuse or mis-representation of CILEX brand and credentials

The CILEX brand and professional credentials are an indicator of an individual’s competence to practice law. At CILEX we want to protect and maintain the integrity of our membership value, and ensure that we are doing what we can to protect the consumer.

As a result, we monitor and address the inappropriate use of these benefits.

You can report any inappropriate use of CILEX Logos, titles, designatory letters or false membership claims here.

Professional Misconduct Complaints

Our members are subject to the Code of Conduct (the Code) of CILEX and its regulatory body, CILEX Regulation. This sets out the principles to which CILEX members, CILEX practitioners and CILEX Authorised Entities must adhere in their conduct, practice and professional performance, and the outcomes they must meet.

If you have reason to raise a complaint against a CILEX member, in relation to their professional conduct or performance please contact CILEX Regulation on 01234 845770 or [email protected].