Unit 322

Unit 322 Business Skills in the Legal Environment

Level: 3

Accreditation unit reference: H/505/1753

Credit value: 16

Guided learning hours: 135

Unit aim: The aim of this unit is to enable the learner to develop the knowledge and skills to evaluate business management systems and identify and monitor the application of relevant legislation in the legal environment. The learner will also gain an understanding of the importance of continuous improvement, effective team working and learn how to organise and co-ordinate events.

There are five learning outcomes to this unit:

Outcome 1: understand the structure of the legal system and the legislation affecting the individual in a legal office

The learner can:

  • explain the structure of the court system
  • describe the roles of personnel operating in the court system within England and Wales
  • explain personal rights and responsibilities of the individual in maintaining a safe, healthy and secure working environment
  • carry out basic risk assessments to identify hazards to self and others
  • describe employment legislation affecting an office environment.

Outcome 2: understand the use of different information and communication equipment and systems in a legal office

The learner can:

  • explain the use of different information management systems
  • evaluate manual and electronic communication systems and make recommendations for improvement
  • describe organisational policies and procedures for using information management systems and communication systems.

Outcome 3: understand the importance of continuous improvement within a legal office

The learner can:

  • explain the importance of individual continuous development within the working environment of a legal office
  • describe ways of identifying individual needs for development and opportunities for progression
  • identify the methods an organisation can employ to assist individual development
  • evaluate the use of different improvement techniques used by an organisation
  • describe activities which assist in identifying and improving work practices
  • identify external quality marks.

Outcome 4: understand the importance of effective team working within a legal office

The learner can:

  • explain the benefits of team working
  • describe the characteristics of a productive team
  • identify ways of running an effective team
  • explain ways of negotiating priorities with team members and others
  • explain the need for delegation within a team
  • explain how to resolve potential conflict within a team.

Outcome 5: be able to plan or co-ordinate an event

The learner can:

  • describe the stages involved in planning internal and external events
  • describe information and resources needed to organise an event
  • identify organisational policies and procedures that may apply to arranging meetings and events
  • select appropriate venues for internal and external events
  • prepare information and documentation for delegates
  • describe how to monitor progress of event preparation in order to meet targets
  • describe techniques and reasons for evaluating the success of an event.