Unit 220

Unit 220 Legal Text Processing

Level: 2

Accreditation unit reference: Y/504/9952

Credit value: 11

Guided learning hours: 110

Unit aim: The aim of this unit is to enable the learner to develop the knowledge and skills to accurately produce documentation appropriate for the legal and business environments. The learner will become familiar with word processing techniques, legal document layouts and legal terminology.

There is one learning outcome to this unit:

Outcome 1: be able to use word processing software to create and amend business and legal documents

The learner can:

  • create documents to a given house style from manuscript and printed text
  • amend and format the layout and text of new and existing business and legal documents
  • insert dates and references where appropriate
  • create and format tables
  • select and insert special characters
  • import graphics into documents
  • use search and replace
  • recall document templates and include relevant additional information
  • follow written instructions and interpret amendment and correction signs
  • identify and expand general and legal abbreviations
  • identify and correct spelling errors
  • route originals and copies as instructed
  • name, same and print business and legal documents, as instructed.