Level 3 Diploma in Law and Practice

Level 3 Diploma in Law and Practice

In 2021, CILEX will be introducing a new qualification framework – the CILEX Professional Qualification (CPQ). If you start studying a CILEX Level 3 qualification now, you will have until November 2023 to complete it.

Due to the introduction of CPQ, students wishing to complete a Level 3 qualification must be registered as a CILEX Student Member by 31 May 2021, after which online registration to legacy membership will close. If you are effected by this, please contact our customer services team.

However, you will have the right to transition to the CPQ framework at any time during this transition period. Details of which Level 3 units to complete so that this transition can be as smooth as can be found here.

The Level 3 Professional Diploma in Law and Practice is a broad-based, practical introduction to Law and Legal Practice. It requires that students achieve across key areas of Law and Legal Practice (ie mandatory Law units consist of: Contract Law, Criminal Law, Land Law and Law of Tort).

The CILEX Level 3 Professional Diploma in Law and Practice has been developed as a unitised qualification which permits students to adopt a flexible and tailor-made approach to learning. Whilst all students undertake a certain amount of core study, there is also room for students to take units which reflect their main areas of interest.

The qualification also includes a practical legal skills component. The Professional Skills units (units 16 and 17) require that students demonstrate key transferable legal skills in practical situations.

The mandatory inclusion of these units in the Level 3 Professional Diploma in Law and Practice ensures that the qualification both reflects the pace of change in the legal sector and that CILEX students are well-prepared to embrace this change.

The qualification consists of ten units in total which are each assessed by CILEX and accumulated by the student. Each unit is regarded as a worthwhile achievement in its own right and certification is available at unit level.

The units are chosen from a suite of 19 units in accordance with the qualification rules.

There are numerous specialist pathways for studying law, and developing legal careers in different fields of law, to suit the needs of the individual and legal sector. You can find a selection of example pathways for different specialist legal practice areas by following this link.