A new framework for a new kind of lawyer

In support of CILEX’s aim to transform the provision of legal services and to satisfy changing employer needs, we are launching a new qualification framework that has core legal knowledge and commercial awareness at its heart.

The CILEX Professional Qualification (CPQ) is the route to becoming a CILEX Paralegal, CILEX Advanced Paralegal or CILEX Lawyer. It is a competency-based qualification framework, developed in consultation with employers, members and other stakeholders, that acknowledges the requirements of a rapidly evolving legal and business landscape. 

CPQ is a progressive framework across three stages - CPQ Foundation, CPQ Advanced and CPQ Professional - founded on the CILEX Competency Framework. Each stage combines a focus on technical expertise and practical skills with the development of the core behaviours required to create forward-thinking, commercially minded, adaptable lawyers who really understand the clients they serve.

CPQ sets new standards in practice-focused training and work-readiness, broadens access to legal careers and develops professionals at all levels who are equipped from the outset to add real value to their employers and clients.

Students can now register for CPQ and is available to study through CILEX Law School (CLS) and a number of approved providers.