Unit 208

Unit 208 Family Law

Level: 2

Unit reference number: H/504/0400

Credit value: 4

Guided learning hours: 21

Unit aim: The aim of this unit is to enable the learner to develop an understanding of key aspects of family law and procedure relating to marriage, civil partnership and children.

There are three learning outcomes to this unit:

Outcome 1: understand the requirements for a valid marriage and civil partnership

The learner can:

  • identify the formalities of a valid marriage
  • explain the requirement for capacity in relation to a valid marriage
  • describe the factors relating to void and voidable marriages
  • explain the basic principles of the Civil Partnership Act 2004.

Outcome 2: understand the procedure for the dissolution of a marriage or civil partnership

The learner can:

  • explain the ground and the facts required to establish this ground, in relation to dissolution of marriage or civil partnership
  • distinguish between divorce and judicial separation
  • describe dissolution procedure for a marriage or civil partnership including examples of relevant documentation.

Outcome 3: understand the provisions relating to children following the breakdown of a relationship

The learner can:

  • explain the welfare principle contained in s1 of the Children Act 1989
  • explain the no delay, non-intervention principle and the welfare checklist
  • describe the orders available under s8 of the Children Act 1989 and the circumstances in which they could be used.