Unit 206

Unit 206 Civil Litigation

Level: 2

Unit reference number: T/504/0630

Credit value: 4

Guided learning hours: 19

Unit aim: The aim of this unit is to enable the learner to develop an understanding of the process of a claim for debt recovery and personal injury through the county court.

There are four learning outcomes to this unit:

Outcome 1: understand the civil court structure and the significance of the Civil Procedure Rules

The learner can:

  • describe the civil court structure
  • explain the overriding objective of the CPR
  • explain the importance of pre-action protocols
  • identify the duties of the court and the court’s management powers.

Outcome 2: understand pre-action matters

The learner can:

  • explain the requirements of a pre-action protocol
  • explain the need to consider alternative dispute resolution (ADR)
  • explain the most appropriate trial track depending on circumstances and the value of a case.

Outcome 3: understand how a civil action may be financed

The learner can:

  • identify different funding methods according to individual client circumstances.

Outcome 4: know how to commence a case in the County Court

The learner can:

  • identify the contents of a letter before action in respect of a civil debt
  • identify the contents of an N1 claim form.