Examinations 2024 FAQs

CILEX 2024 Examinations

The CILEX examinations for Level 6 will be delivered online.

All learners registered for exams will receive everything they need to help them prepare for, and sit, the exams online.

Please contact us directly through the General Enquiries form with any specific questions, concerns or complaints relating to your individual circumstances.

Useful Resources


System requirements

Will I need equipment and any other system requirements to sit the exams online?

No. As long as your equipment and system requirements meet the minimum specification set out in the useful resources section above, you will be able to sit the exam.

Chrome isn’t my default browser but I can open it on my computer. Will that be enough?

It won’t be enough. When you click through on the system check and launch exam emails it will go to your default browser. Anything other than Chrome will display a ‘browser incompatible’ error message. Change your default browser to Chrome in your computer settings before you do the system check to ensure this doesn’t happen.

The candidate guide only gives instructions for Windows 10 and 11. Can I use Windows 8 nonetheless?

No the e-assessment system does not support Windows 8 so it cannot be used.

Before the exam

I’ve read that some other proctor apps make you put your phone 3 metres away during the exam. Will we be told to do that? I’m worried that my room isn’t big enough.

The instructions no longer specify that your phone has to be a certain distance away. You will be required to position your phone to the side of you, far enough away so that it can record what you are doing during the exam.

If my system check email doesn’t work, can I still sit the exam?

Don’t worry if it takes a few attempts for you to get through the system check process. Some CILEX testers took several attempts but all went on to complete the exam successfully.

Why are the ID requirements for remotely invigilated exams different from what I usually have to provide at a centre? What happens if I can’t meet them?

The ID requirements are stricter for remotely invigilated exams to reflect the circumstances in which a candidate’s identity is being verified.  If you will be unable to show the required ID on the day of the exam, please contact us to discuss alternatives.

I usually go to an external centre provided by CILEX to sit my exams, where will I do them now?

You will be able to sit your exams in a private place of your choosing, such as your home or at work, and they will be invigilated remotely.

I usually sit my exams at my accredited centre, will I still go there?

If your accredited centre is allowing exams to be taken at the centre, you will be able to sit there. Please speak to your accredited centre to see if this option is available.

I’m used to writing my answers to CILEX exams in an answer book. Will I be able to practise doing them online before I do the real thing?

Yes, and we strongly urge you to do this. Past papers are available through the Practice Test player, these papers will enable you to practise as many times as you need to in order to feel comfortable using the online system.

How will my exam be invigilated?

If you are sitting your exam at your Accredited Centre, it will be invigilated in person by centre staff. If you have paid the external centre fee and are sitting the exam at a private place of your own choosing (eg in your own home, at work etc) it will be invigilated remotely. Full details will be provided as part of the set up process, which is explained in the Candidate Guide.

Will I still get my Reasonable Adjustment even though the exams will be delivered online?

Yes, all eligible Reasonable Adjustments will be accommodated. Please contact us directly through the general enquiry form with any specific questions or concerns relating to your individual circumstances.

How does remote invigilation work?

Remote invigilation is the name given to the process and systems used to allow candidates to take their examinations at a place of their choosing, while still providing the security needed to protect the integrity of the exam. Instead of a person serving as the invigilator, the exam session is recorded and monitored. CILEX has produced guidance for candidates about remote invigilation. The information below is a summary of some of the key features:

1. System checks

Prior to exam week you will be sent an email requiring you to carry out a series of system checks on your device (laptop, PC with webcam). The checks will verify the webcam, bandwidth, microphone, mobile device (smartphone or tablet), speakers and screen share. You will also be required to download the ProctorExam App onto your mobile device.

2. Room scanning

On the day of the exam you will be required to use your mobile device (with the Proctor Exam App downloaded) to scan the four corners of the room, the desk, under the desk, the device (eg laptop) you are using. There will also be checks on any materials you are permitted to bring in with you ie a statute book, if it is permitted under the Exam Regulations. You will be required to show that you do not have headphones in your ears.

3. ID check

You will be required to show your valid ID.

4. Candidate monitoring

The exam you will be monitored by two cameras (webcam on your device and mobile device) along with screen capture through the sharing of your screen.

What are the conditions and regulations for the remotely invigilated online exams?

Please see the Examination Regulations – Online Exams with Remote Invigilation for more information.

The examinations will continue to be closed book with the exception of some of the Level 6 exams for which, in accordance with the Examination Regulations, statute books are permitted. You will also be allowed some scrap paper to write notes – further details are provided in the regulations and conditions which will include how any materials which you bring into the room will be checked.

If I am sitting my exams online with remote invigilation, where should I sit? Can I sit the exams at work, at home, at my friend’s house?

You will sit the exam using your own device (a laptop or PC with webcam) on your own, in a room of your choosing (subject to meeting the requirements in the Candidate Guide). You need to ensure you are in a well-lit room where you will not be disturbed. No one else is permitted to be in the room with you.

You will also need a desk or table as set out in the Equipment & System Requirements for Online Examinations with Remote Invigilation, you should also consider where your WiFi signal is strongest. Learners who want to sit in their workplace must ensure they have their employer’s permission. The guidance on the room as set out above applies.

As noted in the Equipment & System Requirements for Online Examinations with Remote Invigilation: Attempting to use a laptop or device that is intended for work purposes may have restricted access and admin rights installed. This may cause issues when trying to access the e-assessment platform and therefore it is recommended to use a personal laptop/desktop.

I’m wondering whether to print out the pre-release case study or not. What do you recommend?

We strongly recommend that you do this and bring a clean (non-annotated) copy into the exam with you. You will be able to display the case study during the exam on the system but having a printed version to hand will save you having to navigate between tabs.

During the exam

If I lose connection during the exam, will I be able to get back in? Will I lose any time?

You will be able to get back into the system if you lose connection during the exam. You will not lose any time, as the in-built clock stops when connection is lost and only resumes when you get back in.

Will I type my answers or write my answers by hand?

You will type your answers.

Can I have extra time for the exam if I am a slow typer?

In the same way that learners write at different speeds, the same is true of typing speeds and there is no need to be concerned if you feel yours to be slow.

Can I take a copy of the pre-release case study materials into my Practice exam?

Yes. You are permitted to print a copy of the relevant pre-release case study materials from the CILEX website and use this in the exam, as long as it is a clean copy with no annotations. Further information is provided in the regulations and conditions, including how the materials will be checked to ensure learners only use clean copies. It is noted that you will also be able to access the pre-release case study materials online, so there is no requirement to print a copy to use in the exam.

Can I go to the toilet during an exam?

Yes. You are permitted to leave the room to go to the toilet but must be away from the room for no longer than 5 minutes at any time.  You must not bring anything into the room when you return. Other than to go to the toilet, you must remain at your workstation throughout the duration of your exam. Further information can be found in the regulations and conditions.

I have 15 mins reading time for both of my exams. If I finish reading before 15 minutes is up am I allowed to start answering the questions or do I have to wait until 15 minutes is up?

We recommend that the full 15 minutes of reading time be used for its intended purpose. However, there is nothing to prevent you from starting to answer the questions before the 15 minutes is up if you feel ready to do so.

What happens if I do lose connection during the exam – will I lose all my answers?

No. If your internet connection is interrupted during the exam and you lose contact with the e-assessment platform, your answers are stored and will be visible when you get back into the system.

After the exam

How can I be sure that my exam has submitted successfully at the end?

The Surpass system continually saves your exam as you progress through. If you can see your answers when you check back through them before you click finish, they will be visible to the examiner when you submit the exam. There is no need to worry or get in touch with CILEX to check.

Will the grade boundaries be raised to make it more difficult or lowered to accommodate additional complexities?

The processes for determining grade boundaries will not change. CILEX will continue to investigate the performance of each examination before deciding the grade boundaries to be applied.

How do I know that you will only use the information you collect about me properly?

CILEX acts in accordance with GDPR requirements at all times. Online exams are covered by the published privacy policy in the same way as other activities undertaken by CILEX.