Learner Applications

Institutional Exemptions – Application Process for Learners

If you are a learner who has been awarded a qualification which has been approved as an institutional exemption you can apply for exemptions from CILEX qualifications. Before applying for exemptions please ensure:

1. You have achieved the relevant optional/elective modules/units at the relevant level

2. You are able to submit a certified certificate showing that you have achieved the qualification

3. You are able to submit a transcript showing that you have achieved the relevant modules/units

Please Note:

Applicants must ensure that a copy of the qualification certificate is signed and certified by an appropriate person before submission. The person certifying your certificate must be a practising or retired professional registered with the appropriate professional body, for example, a Chartered Legal Executive, solicitor, barrister or licensed conveyancer or must be a representative of an institution recognised by a regulatory authority or professional body to provide learning and/or award qualifications and authorised to sign it on the institutions behalf.

Please note that CILEX will carry out spot checks to confirm the authenticity of documents. CILEX will not accept original certificates.

To make an application please complete the Listed Exemptions Application Form Listed Exemption Form


The fees for institutional exemption learner applications are the same as for listed exemptions.