CILEX Level 6 Practice Tests SURPASS experience

CILEX Level 6 Practice Tests

SURPASS experience

These practice tests have been provided to help you familiarise yourself with the online system SURPASS.

If any tests are not working then please do use a different law or practice test as these will give you the same experience.

When you open the attachment in the test, you will see a blank screen. Please rest assured that when you sit the live assessments you will see the content of the attachment, ie a copy of the case study for the practice units or a copy of the scenario for Section B of the law units.

You can access the tests as many times as you like.

We recommend that you use Google Chrome as this is the browser which you will use in your live exam.

As these tests are not live, we have set out some instructions on accessing them. Please read the instructions before you begin familiarising yourself with the tests below.

Subject knowledge practice/revision

Please do not use these sample tests as part of your exam preparation/revision as the content of the tests maybe out of date.

We recommend you use the latest past papers that are available on our website.

Level 6