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Later in 2021, CILEX will be introducing a new qualification framework – the CILEX Professional Qualification (CPQ).

If you begin one of our qualifications now, you will have the right to transition to the CPQ framework at any time during this transition period, which will last until 2026. Details of which units to complete so that this transition can be as smooth as can be found here

With over 60 years of experience and reputation in providing a qualification route, innovative career pathways and regulation for legal practitioners, CILEX is a strong and valued piece of the legal services jigsaw. We think you might want to know more about us, how we can help you fulfil your career dreams and, importantly for many, save time and money in getting there!

Whether you’ve considered a career in the legal sector or not (and there are more opportunities in legal services than the role of ‘lawyer’!), the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives is here to help you identify your strengths and give you some top tips to use the exam results you have and turn them into a career you can believe in, from day one.

Your future is in your hands; CILEX is here to help you grab hold of it!

Read on to see how we can help you develop an exciting career while earning money, enter the profession without the burden of debt and climb the ladder quickly, without the worry of a training contract!

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Did you know? 

  • A successful and respected career in law doesn’t have to equal debt, years at university and waiting for a training contract? 
  • It’s MUCH cheaper to access legal qualifications than you might think. You can work while you study (you could even get a job in a law firm) which means you have priceless experience AND qualifications that allow you to jump over the heads of paralegals waiting for training contracts!!
  • Employers love CILEX: A CILEX qualification offers a recognised and regulated legal status while at work. CILEX and employers can help you to progress your career while you earn!
  • Upon achievement of the necessary membership grade you will be invited to attend the annual CILEX Graduation ceremony (short videos from previous ceremonies can be viewed below.)
CILEX Graduation Video - 2016 CILEX Graduation Video - 2017 CILEX Graduation Video - 2018 CILEX Graduation Video - 2019
You might already qualify for a CILEX membership status today, thanks to your results! Read on…

What is CILEX & what can I do?

CILEX is the UK’s largest professional body for paralegals, and the only membership body that independently regulates these legal practitioners. 

Increasingly on a level playing field with solicitors, Chartered Legal Executive lawyers can now become judges, coroners, advocates and partners in law firms. As a Chartered Legal Executive lawyer, you will have great opportunities to work in the legal profession, in corporate in-house legal departments, or in local or national government.

CILEX offers unparalleled access to a flexible career as a lawyer. CILEX is unique in being a non-graduate route to qualification as a lawyer, as well as providing a Tech Level designed specifically for 16 to 18 year olds, apprenticeships and a Graduate Fast-track route which gives law graduates a more affordable and viable alternative to the Legal Practice Course (LPC).

If you don’t have a qualifying law degree, you will need to take the full CILEX route, which comprises our Level 3 qualification, set and assessed at A-level standard, and our Level 6 qualification, which is set and assessed at honours degree level.

If you already have a qualifying law degree, irrespective of when this was achieved, we also offer a cost-effective alternative to the LPC or Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) through our Graduate Fast-track Diploma. And there is no need to secure a training contract or pupillage, whether you do our full route or the Graduate Fast-track Diploma. Instead, you will need to complete a three-year period of Qualifying Employment and submit a portfolio of evidence called Work-based Learning.

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Where can CILEX take me? 

Click on an image below to see where a CILEX qualification and membership has taken school leavers and graduates, just like you!

Fly high with CILEXEarn as you learn

Dream of starting your own businessRAF case study

Be free of university debtThe Apprentice case study

The School leaver case studyThe Paralegal case study

The law graduate case studyThe LPC Graduate case study

The best is yet to come
You can find more case studies here.

Be a judge

Why employers love us

Employers love CILEX professionals. We know this as we work with them every day to help develop their lawyers through our CILEX pathways and even help CILEX practitioners become employers themselves!

You’ll have to look hard now to find a law firm run entirely by solicitors. That’s because CILEX practitioners have equal status, have often gained more experience and have specific skills. 

Our regulated practitioner status is a huge bonus to employers who are looking for people that can support their business and ensure peace of mind for consumers. 

Find out why these leading employers and recruiters want you to consider a career with CILEX.


If you’ve not worked it out already, you don’t have to go to university for a career in law!!

You might now be looking to get your first job, an apprenticeship or apply for a CILEX course instead of the long and often unrewarding university pathway. You might not be able to do the course you wanted and are looking for an alternative. We can help!

Here are some essential links and tools to help you make the most of your Results Day – whatever the outcome!

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Are you already a Paralegal working in a law firm? 

CILEX is offering all practitioners without a professional status the chance to stand up, be counted, be valued and claim ACILEX status of the Chartered Institute; rewarding and confirming the work you’re already doing! If you’re a paralegal or have a qualifying law degree and are in practice, be counted, be valued, belong. Be you, re-presented.

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