ACILEX guide for individuals

Claim your professional status, be recognised, be valued, be ACILEX! 

Are you an unregulated paralegal or law graduate, without a professional status? Do you work tirelessly for clients and for your employer yet feel invisible when it comes to your place in the legal industry? 

Be counted, be valued, belong. Be you, re-presented

By joining CILEX as an Associate member (ACILEX), you can shout ‘I am ACILEX’ from the rooftops and be counted, be valued and belong. Stand out from the rest and see what more you can achieve with us. 

Join as an Associate member today to immediately access your ACILEX status and designatory letters that can be used on your business cards, your CV and gain access to a recognised legal profession and community. Your status can be claimed as soon as you join us – which means you could say I am ACILEX today! 

As an ACILEX, you’ll join thousands of other legal professionals who look to CILEX to offer them a respected status, recognised by every legal employer in the country. 

Your ACILEX professional responsibilities are set out within the CILEX Code of Conduct and your status is independently regulated. You’ll also be part of CILEX’s national professional membership body and gain access to its benefits and services so you’ll never feel invisible again! Not only will you have the recognition you’ve been searching for, you’ll have immediate access to developing further regulated and recognised professional status opportunities in the future.

Re-present yourself

If you hold a qualifying law degree or the CILEX Level 3 Professional Diploma in Law & Practice then you can gain immediate access to all of the benefits listed below. It’s as simple as that!

Fed up with feeling left in the shadows? Worried you’re missing out on the opportunity of a happy, valuable and progressive legal career?

Then join thousands of like-minded lawyers!

Claim your ACILEX status today and proudly say I am valued, I belong, I am ACILEX!

How to join as an ACILEX 

Criteria: ACILEX membership is available to graduates with Qualifying Law Degree (or equivalent) and those who have completed their CILEX Level 3 Professional Diploma in Law and Practice  


  • Registration/reinstatement £40
  • Annual ACILEX Membership subscription: £204
  • Exemption application fee £50 

Take a look at our exemptions information to see if you fit the ACILEX criteria and qualify for an exemption.

Claim your ACILEX status, join TODAY and say:

I am valued
I belong

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Rejoin CILEX!

Looking to rejoin CILEX and reclaim your professional status, gain access to our community, be independently regulated and enhance your career pathway? Take a look at our membership options and see which grade best suits your qualifications and experience. 

If you are already an ACILEX member and would like to know more about the options available to you take a look at our qualifications pages and the criteria for GCILEX membership.

If you have already completed the LPC/BVC/BPTC you are eligible to apply to join CILEX as a GCILEX member and you can join online now.

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