Conveyancing Practice

Conveyancing practice

Conveyancing flyer coverBelow you can find useful information and forms for conveyancing practice.

Conveyancing Practice Rights

Information from CILEX Regulation on gaining independent practice rights for reserved instrument activities (conveyancing).

Leasehold Management Enquiries (LPE1) Form

Buyers Leasehold Information Summary (LPE2) Form

On 1 October 2015 CILEX in collaboration with the Law Society and property trade associations from the legal sector launched Version 2 of the standard leasehold management enquiries form (LPE1) and a buyers leasehold information summary (LPE2). The new forms should speed up the process and ensure clients and lawyers get the information they need. CILEX, along with the other members of the launch group, aims to make LPE1 the industry standard form and to get managing agents to reply to it in full and at a reasonable fee.

Signing ID1 and ID2 forms

Practice advice guidance on signing ID1 and ID2 forms.

Signing a Certificate of Title

Practice advice guidance on signing a Certificate of Title.

Land Registry's vision of Local Land Charges

The Land Registry has provided CILEX with slides highlighting their vision of Local Land Charges. The slides reveal how they transfer data onto the registers. The Land Registry has continual dialogue with CILEX and other stakeholders to assess how we use their services.

The slides are a useful tool to update knowledge. We encourage all members to take a look at the following link:

Land Registry slides - Local Land Charges