CILEX Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

CILEX is committed to supporting and inspiring our members in their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) journey – to ensure that individuals in our regulated community not only maintain and broaden their knowledge and skills but improve and enhance their professional role and career. 

It is essential that legal practitioners sustain and enhance their knowledge and skills so that their clients, the legal profession and the wider public can be assured of their ongoing competency. 

CILEX-qualified professionals are valued for the rigour of their training, their practical skillset and their specialist expertise, and CILEX is here to offer accessible, relevant and valuable CPD resources and training to aid your professional evolution.

Why is CPD necessary?

CPD maintains, improves and extends the skills and qualities necessary for the proper performance of professional and legal duties and compliance required by CILEX Regulation, to ensure confidence in the professionalism and competence of CILEX members.

NEW: CILEX CPD Training - Available to purchase now

We have created bespoke, relevant and insightful training to support your professional development and aid client work in an ever-changing climate. 

We are delighted to offer CILEX professionals our new, specialist CPD Training – "So, You Think You Know About...", a collection of expert-led webinars and supporting materials created exclusively for CILEX practitioners. 

We have focused on four key areas: Contract Law, Law of Tort, Conveyancing and Criminal Law. Each webinar is filled with relevant advice, tips and tricks, and has been created to meet CILEX Regulation CPD requirements.

The CILEX CPD Training sessions are available to purchase on the CILEX shop

Our CPD training series, delivered by peer-regarded experts, covering the most popular sector areas within the CILEX membership. 

Access our new CPD series in the CILEX Shop 

Recording CPD

You need to log your CPD through your myCILEX account.

  • If you are on an outcomes-based requirement, there is no need to specify which outcomes relate to your specialist area. On the CPD view table it may state specialism 'no', please note this is due to our Associate members who are on a mixed requirement of hours and outcomes and they are still required to complete a certain amount of hours in their specialist areas.
  • As the online CPD recording system is directly linked to your membership records, each time you add an entry to the online logbook it is automatically submitted and saved to your record. There is no requirement to tick a 'submit' button. At the end of the CPD year (30 September, unless you have requested an extension), your CPD record will automatically be closed by CILEX Regulation.

Evaluation documents

We have documents which you can use, should you wish to evaluate on the activities you have use for the outcomes-based requirement.


CPD Non-Compliance

Failure to submit your required CPD hours will result in a loss of any benefits attached to your membership status with effect from 30 September 2021. For Chartered Legal Executives and Legal Accounts Fellows, this means you will lose your designatory letters, your right to act as a Commissioner for Oaths and your right to exercise any other rights attached to your membership, such as rights of audience. 

Chartered Legal Executives and Associate Prosecutors will not receive a Practising Certificate for 2022 if they have not met their 20/21 CPD requirements, even where they have paid their subscriptions and submitted the prior conduct form.

Access further CPD guidance from CILEx Regulation

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