Specialist Reference Groups

CILEx specialist reference groups

CILEx operate a series of virtual specialist reference groups for members covering particular special interests or practice areas, to assist us in representing our members’ interests.

CILEx members of all grades are invited to join the reference groups which are applicable to their profile or areas of specialism. Typically, members are asked to contribute via email or online surveys on specific matters, which will help develop CILEx’s policy or knowledge base, and have a greater understanding of the needs of our members. 

You can find details of active and prospective reference groups below, along with how to join. Future groups will be introduced on a phased basis and further information will be posted on this web page. Over time, CILEx wishes to have specific reference groups covering all main areas of practice and specialism.

If you have any queries please see our reference group FAQs below.

Phase 1 - Current and launching groups

Please click the names of each of the following specialist reference groups to find out 'interest-specific' information including; previous policy work and consultation responses, on-going engagement which you can help contribute to, and information on how to join the specialist reference group. 


BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic)

For members who identify as BAME, or are interested in BAME related issues and the promotion of equality


Civil Practitioners

For those members specialising in civil law



For members of all grades working in conveyancing, and for those with conveyancing practice rights


Court Users

For members who use any courts or Tribunals under HMCTS


Criminal Practitioners

For those members specialising in criminal law



For members who have a disability*, or are interested in disability related issues and the promotion of equality


Family Practitioners

For those members specialising in family law


LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender)

For members who identify as LGBT, or are interested in LGBT related issues and the promotion of equality


Personal Injury

For those members specialising in personal injury


Private Client

For those members specialising in private client work


Regulatory Affairs

For members at any stage of their career, who engage in changes in to the regulatory landscape, and the implications they may have. 



For members living in, working in, or specialising in matters involving Wales

*The Equality Act 2010 generally defines a disabled person as someone who has a mental or physical impairment that has a substantial and longterm adverse effect on the persons ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities.

Phase 2 - Prospective groups


To register your interest please email employers@cilex.org.uk

Local Authority

To register your interest please email localauthority@cilex.org.uk 

Reference Group FAQs

Who can join?

We welcome CILEx members of any grade to join the specialist reference groups that match their profile, area of specialism, or interest.

If the Specialist Reference Group is for a particular practice area, you do not have to have achieved your qualification in the area yet, but it is preferred that you are practising or specialising in that field.

If the Specialist Reference Group is a forum for particular groups (i.e. for disabled, LGBT, or BAME members), these groups are open to any members that self-identify.

How do I join?

If you are interested in joining please email the respective email address for the reference group you are interested in joining with your details. 

How do reference groups work?

You will be added to the mailing list for the specialist reference group, and will receive emails at the next opportunity for contributions. We would also be pleased to hear from you if there are specific issues related to your specialism that you wish to bring to our attention.

Each reference group will be coordinated by a member of CILEx staff, and some groups will have members act as an ambassador or spokesperson from time to time.

How much of my time will it take?

CILEx will email specialist reference groups with topics as they arise, and we will not contact you unnecessarily. This is unlikely to be more than once a month, unless there is a particular need for input ahead of discussions with government or other stakeholders, or if we are finalising a consultation response, for example.  

You are not obliged to respond on every single issue, but we do ask for members to be active.

Will my views be treated in confidence?

In most instances members should treat their submissions as if they are to be made public, to enable CILEx to utilise them in advocating for policy positions, or formulating consultation responses etc. We would contact you in advance however before publishing a specific named attribution.

There may be circumstances where member views will be anonymised when being made public, and this will be made clear at the time of seeking contributions.

Will my personal data be treated in confidence?

Your personal data will be handled in line with CILEx’s data protection policy. There may be occasions where your contribution is made public, but personal contact details will not be disclosed to third parties.

How do I leave a group?

You can leave, or re-join, at any time by emailing the group coordinator. CILEx reserves the right to remove reference group members if their CILEx membership lapses or in other appropriate circumstances.

Thank you again for your interest.  We look forward to your participation.


For members of all grades working in conveyancing, and for those with conveyancing practice rights.

To join, email conveyancing@cilex.org.uk