Qualifying employment

Qualifying Employment

In order to be admitted as a Chartered Legal Executive lawyer, Graduate members (i.e. members who have completed their academic training) must demonstrate that they have:

3 years' qualifying employment, of which:

  • 2 years must be consecutive qualifying employment immediately preceding the application
  • At least 1 year must be in the Graduate grade of membership immediately preceding the application

For guidance on what may be qualifying employment click here.

Please click here to access the QE form. There is a £70 non-refundable assessment fee to submit with the application.

A break in employment of up to 12 months for any reason will not break continuity of employment, but will not be counted as part of the 2 year period.


The CILEx Membership Requirement Regulations set out the requirements for admission as a Fellow. These can be viewed here.

The Membership requirement regulations are supplemented by the Application for Fellowship rules (Work Based Learning) which can be viewed here.


CILEx Regulation is the independent regulator of CILEx members and oversees the education, qualification and practice standards of CILEx members. The CILEx Regulation Admissions and Licensing Committee is responsible for considering and determining qualifying employment applications, which the officers of CILEx Regulation are not able to determine themselves. 

Guidance for members who are uncertain as to whether they are in qualifying employment can be found here

We would certainly recommend that you have your employment assessed as early as possible so that you can be satisfied that your current employment arrangements satisfy the qualifying employment requirements. 

You can access the QE form here.  

Fees 2018

Qualifying Employment Assessment £70 (non-refundable)