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Join Tom, CILEx Membership Advisor, as he guides you through all you've ever wanted to know about CILEx, and more. 

From the processes you need to follow to the benefits and support services that are available to you throughout your membership journey. 

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Membership of CILEx

Being a member of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx) will be a valuable asset in helping you develop your legal career.

You will be joining thousands of like-minded professionals who already have high standing in the legal world.

There are a number of membership grades open to you, all of which will provide access to a great range of member benefits and services.

As a member of CILEx you will be agreeing to the Charter and Bye-Laws, the Code of Conduct, the Membership Requirement Regulations and the CILEx Data Privacy Policy.

Why choose the CILEx route to becoming a lawyer?

For 50 years CILEx has been providing access to legal training and support for our members. Now, with over 20,000 members CILEx offers more membership grades, more training opportunities, more benefits and we work tirelessly to achieve more rights for our members.

"The rights you achieve as a CILEx lawyer are practically indistinguishable now from those of solicitors but it is a far cheaper and more flexible route."

Nick Hanning, former CILEx President, Chartered Legal Executive Lawyer, Advocate & Partner RWPS Law

Find out more about CILEx Fellows; the powers and duties of CILEx members; facts and figures; and details on becoming a Chartered Legal Executive Lawyer.

What our members say...

“Becoming a Fellow has transformed my life and career. I am now a qualified lawyer and gain far wider recognition within my company, the profession and the courts. The opportunities available to Chartered Legal Executive lawyers now – to become judges and partners - are tremendous.”

Gary Claeys, Chartered Legal Executive lawyer, Silverbeck Rymer Solicitors