Level 6 Qualifications

CILEX Level 6 Qualifications

The Level 6 qualifications form the last academic stage you will be required to study in order to become a Chartered Legal Executive.

The CILEX Level 6 Diploma in Law and Practice is set and assessed at level 6, honours degree level. Once you have completed the Level 6 Diploma in Law and Practice you will need to complete a period of qualifying employment and then you will be able to apply to become a Fellow of CILEX and use the designation FCILEX.

The CILEX Level 6 Certificate in Law recognises candidates’ skills and ability in a law specialism. They are best suited for those who do not wish to go on and become full Chartered Legal Executives, but who want recognition for their skills in a specific professional area of law and legal practice.

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CILEX Level 6 Diploma in Law and Practice

CILEX Level 6 Certificate in Law

There are numerous specialist pathways for studying law, and developing legal careers in different fields of law, to suit the needs of the individual and legal sector. You can find a selection of example pathways for different specialist legal practice areas by following this link.