Standard Qualification Fee

To assist learners and training providers, CILEX has set out the standard qualification fee payable for each qualification.  The standard qualification fee is the sum of all mandatory fees that must be paid for the qualification and is based on learners passing the online assessment at the first attempt.  If a further attempt is needed, an additional online assessment fee is payable.


The resources below are designed to support the registration, delivery and assessment of the Level 2 Legal Studies qualifications.


Level 2 Legal Studies Qualification Handbook

Assessment Information

Sample Test – Unit 201 – The Legal Environment (Multiple Choice Test)

Guidance Material

Guidance for Assessors

Guidance for Learners

Invigilators Guide to Using Surpass

Learners Guide to Using Surpass

Guidance for Tutors on Setting Up and Delivering the Legal Environment Multiple Choice Test

Certification and Results Guidance

Unit List and Unit Specifications


Witness Statement Form (Example)

Learner Feedback Form (Example)

Learner Action Plan (Example)

Unit Achievement Record (Example)

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