CILEX believes in widening access to the legal profession, and in providing the opportunity for a CILEX legal education for as many people as possible. It will therefore recognise legal qualifications which have been achieved through routes outside of CILEX, provided they meet CILEX’s exemptions criteria. This enables progression to CILEX qualifications. The CILEX Assessment Team deals with all exemption applications directly, please contact them if you have any queries. These are not dealt with through the study centres. 

Exemptions fall into three categories:

  • Listed Exemptions – these offer automatic exemption against one or more CILEX units or qualifications. The CILEX Exemptions Table gives details of the qualifications currently approved as listed exemptions Listed Exemptions

  • Unlisted Exemptions – If you hold a legal qualification which is not listed in the Exemptions Table, you can apply for an unlisted exemption Unlisted Exemptions
  • Institutional Exemptions – CILEX have commenced a full review of its qualifications, and therefore is not accepting applications from Institutions for Institutional Exemptions whilst its qualifications and qualifications structure are under review. The CILEX Exemption Policy will be reviewed alongside the development of the new qualification structure. Further updates will be provided as the project to develop a new qualification structure progresses.

  • Institutional Exemptions Learner Applications – Learners who have achieved a qualification with institutional exemption should follow the learner application process Institutional Exemption Learner Application Process

  • Exemptions for Legal Services Learners – Please complete our general enquiry form

Customer Service Statement

CILEX will confirm eligibility for an exemption listed on the Exemptions Table within 14 working days. For unlisted exemption applications and institutional exemption applications please allow up to 66 working days for a decision to be made due to the high volume of applications. *

*Please note that these timescales are subject to receiving complete applications and may change according to the complexity of applications and the volume received at peak application times.

Enquiries and Appeals

Enquiries relating to unsuccessful exemption applications (both personal and institutional) should be directed (within 10 working days of the date of the outcome letter) to the Director of Education, who will investigate any issue and respond within 10 working days on receipt of an enquiry. Where an applicant is still not satisfied with the response, an appeal can then be made (within 10 working days of the date of the outcome letter) to the Director of Education whose adjudication (within 10 working days of receipt of the letter of appeal) is final.

Exemptions Policy

CILEX adheres to an Exemptions Policy, which sets out its approach to exemptions and the differing circumstances where exemptions are used.