CILEX believes in widening access to the legal profession, and in providing the opportunity for a CILEX legal education regardless of background or prior qualification achievement. The CILEX Professional Qualification (CPQ) does not require the achievement of a prior qualification to start the journey with CILEX; however, where a legal qualification has been studied, CILEX will consider achievements against published exemptions criteria. The CILEX Assessment Team considers exemption applications against three categories:

  • Approved Exemptions – these offer automatic exemption against one or more CILEX units or qualifications. The CILEX Exemptions Procedure gives details of the qualifications currently approved.

  • Unlisted Exemptions – If you hold a legal qualification which has not been approved and listed in the Exemptions procedure, you can apply for an Unlisted Exemptions
  • Recognised Degree Exemptions – CILEX are excited to work with many higher education institutions to recognise the overlap between the CILEX Professional Qualification (CPQ) and law qualifications offered by the institution. When an institution has been recognised by CILEX, graduates becoming members of CILEX and continuing their qualifying journey by studying CPQ will be granted enhanced exemptions according to the institution‚Äôs agreement. Graduates wishing to apply for CPQ with degrees from recognised institutions should follow the usual CPQ purchasing journey and will be informed of the modules required.

    High education institutions interested in talking to CILEX about how to become a recognised institution should contact [email protected]

Customer Service Statement

CILEX will confirm eligibility for an exemption listed in the Exemptions procedure within 14 working days. For unlisted exemption applications, please allow up to 66 working days for feedback.

Enquiries and Appeals

Enquiries relating to unsuccessful exemption applications should be directed (within 10 working days of the date of the outcome letter) to customer service, who will investigate any issue and respond within 10 working days on receipt of an enquiry.

Exemptions Policy

CILEX adheres to an Exemptions Policy, which sets out its approach to exemptions and the differing circumstances where exemptions are used.