Pre-release Case Study Materials

Pre-release Case Study Materials

The Pre-release Case Study Materials for the June 2024 Level 6 practice papers are available below.

We recommend learners discuss the case study with their training provider as part of their preparation for the examination. Learners are reminded that they are permitted to take their own clean/unannotated copy of the Case Study Materials into the examination. There will also be a clean/unannotated copy of the Case Study Materials attached to the examination.

The organisations, individuals and scenarios contained within these Case Study Materials are fictitious.

Level 6 – June 2024 Pre-release Case Study Materials

*Learners, studying for Level 6 Unit 15 Civil Litigation, are advised that when revising for these units, they should have knowledge and understanding of the Civil Procedure Rules and of the Solicitors Code of Conduct.

Learners are advised that they should be fully familiar with the relevant current unit specification and may be tested on any aspect of it. Where Civil Procedure Rules are given in the specification, learners are expected to be broadly familiar with the content of those rules and their practical application.

For each examination learners will be advised, with the pre-release case study materials, of the relevant Civil Procedure Rules which they may find to be particularly relevant.