CPQ Trainees

Transitioning to CPQ with past CILEX qualifications

CILEX supports trainees with part or full CILEX legacy qualifications or Apprenticeships with progression to CPQ.

The CILEX transition tool is a useful way to identify the CPQ modules you will be required to completed based on your prior achievements of CILEX qualifications or the paralegal apprenticeship.

Further information about our approved exemptions are detailed in our exemptions procedure here.

If you hold a previous CILEX qualification, please contact our customer services team directly.

Becoming a CILEX Lawyer through the Chartered Legal Executive Apprenticeship

The updated Level 6 Chartered Legal Executive Apprenticeship standard version 1.1 was published in June 2023. Those completing this standard, or the new Level 7 Chartered Legal Executive Litigator and Advocate Apprenticeship Standard, will become CILEX Lawyers; Practising CILEX Fellows who are qualified through CILEX as lawyers and can practise with equivalence to a solicitor, or other authorised person, in their area of practice or specialism. The standards require the completion of a CRL approved qualification: CPQ.

Chartered Legal Executive Apprentices who have completed the previous CLE Apprenticeship Standard, Version 1.0 will become CILEX Fellows and Chartered Legal Executives on completion of their programme. To progress to CILEX Lawyer status will require attaining full practice rights from CRL.

There are two routes available to attain practice rights; by portfolio route or via the new assessment-based CPD route that offered by ULaw. Further details are available on CRL’s website.