Level 3 Paralegal End-Point Assessment

Level 3 Paralegal End-Point Assessment v1.2

The below information relates to the CILEX Level 3 End Point Assessment (EPA) for version 1.2 (ST0245). If you started your apprenticeship on or after 1 July 2023, you’ll need to refer to the EPA details for version 1.3.

The resources below are designed to support the registration, delivery and assessment of Apprenticeships.

General information about what CILEX offers as part of the End-Point Assessment can be found in CILEX Level 3 Paralegal Apprenticeship End-Point Assessment – Specification.

Essential EPA Resources

Paralegal End-Point Assessment Resources

EPA Costs – Per Apprentice

To assist apprentices, employers and training providers, CILEX has set out the fee payable for the End-Point Assessment.


The fee is the sum of all mandatory fees that must be paid for the End-Point Assessment and is based on apprentices passing the assessments at the first attempt.  If a further attempt is needed, an additional fee is payable.  The table below shows the fees relating to the End-Point Assessment.

Apprenticeship EPA
Paralegal Level 3 (Non-Member)
Paralegal Level 3 (Member)

* The End-Point Assessment fee is reduced for apprentices who are CILEX members.

Associated Fees

The associated fees encompass all fees for optional services related to the delivery and award of the End-Point Assessment.

Optional Services
Resit Fee
   Per Timed Assessment (Non-Member)
   Per Timed Assessment (Member)
   Interview (Non-Member)
   Interview (Member)

Clerical Check £15.00*
Review of Marking £50.00*
Stage 1 Appeal £30.00
Stage 2 Appeal £40.00
Appeal Against an Apprentice Malpractice Decision £50.00 

* The clerical check fee, review of marking fee is refunded if the check/review identifies an error in grade awarded.   For example, if as a result of a clerical check the apprentice’s result is revised from a FAIL to a PASS.

Paralegal End-Point Assessment – Available Pathways

We currently have the following pathways available for the Paralegal Apprenticeship End-Point Assessment:

  • Contract Law & Civil Litigation
  • Contract Law & Commercial Practice
  • Employment Law & Practice
  • Land Law & Conveyancing Practice
  • Wills & Probate Practice
  • Tort Law & Civil Litigation
  • Family Law & Practice
  • Family Law & Childcare Practice
  • Criminal Law & Litigation
  • Additional pathways are available on request, subject to 12 months’ notice.

Please click on the links below to download the relevant information for you.

Assessment Timetables

Paralegal End-Point Assessment Windows

2024 EPA Windows

Window 1

  • Submission Date: 5 January
  • Gateway Date: 12 January
  • Advanced Materials: 15 January
  • Timed Assessments: 5 February – 9 February
  • Interviews: 12 February – 23 February
  • Results: 2 May

Window 2

  • Submission Date: 10 May
  • Gateway Date: 17 May
  • Advanced Materials: 20 May
  • Timed Assessments: 17 June – 21 June
  • Interviews: 24 June – 5 July (potentially to 8 – 12 July)
  • Results: 5 September

Window 3

  • Submission Date: 6 September
  • Gateway Date: 13 September
  • Advanced Materials: 16 September
  • Timed Assessments: 7 October – 11 October
  • Interviews: 14 October – 25 October
  • Results: 12 December

Paralegal End-Point Resits

If you wish to re-sit any of the End-Point Assessment, please make contact with your Training Provider who will make the application on your behalf.

Our dedicated Customer Service Team are on hand to provide tailored assistance regarding your unique circumstances and EPA enquiries, simply complete the General Enquiries form and we will get back to you.