Qualifying Employment & Work-based Learning

How to Qualify as a Chartered Legal Executive Lawyer

Qualifying Experience and Work-based Learning (Professional Experience) are both necessary requirements for you to qualify as a CILEX Lawyer – Chartered Legal Executive and a Fellow of CILEX.

To become a Chartered Legal Executive Lawyer (Fellow of CILEX) you must have:

  • Completed the academic stage of training.Been in qualifying experience, defined as work that contributes to the provision of legal services, for at least 2,300 hours , of which at least one year must be in the Advanced Paralegal membership grade of CILEX.
  • Met CRLswork-based learning outcomes through a portfolio of evidence.

Academic Training

To satisfy the academic stage of training you are required to complete and pass one of the following:

  • CPQ
  • CILEX Legacy Level 3 and Legacy Level 6

If you have already studied a legal qualification, refer to the CILEX exemptions procedure for more information on the exemptions which may be available to you.

You can find details of CILEX approved training providers here.

Qualifying Experience and Work Based Learning

You must have completed at least 2,300 hours’ qualifying experience, work that contributes to the provision of legal services of which 1 year must be served as an Advanced Paralegal member of CILEX. CRLset out the knowledge, skills and experience you must demonstrate before you can be admitted as a Chartered Legal Executive and Fellow of CILEX. The CILEX exams, qualifying experience and work-based learning that you undertake will enable you to satisfy the KSBs required.

When you are ready, you must have your qualifying experience assessed by CRL to continue. We would certainly recommend that you have your experience assessed as early as possible so that you can be satisfied that your current employment arrangements satisfy the qualifying experience requirements and will support your achievement of the KSBs.

If you hold CILEX legacy level 3 and 6 qualifications you should refer to the our work-based learning guidance available.

Once you have been upgraded as a Advanced Paralegal member or been admitted as a Fellow you will be invited to attend the CILEX Graduation and Admission ceremony. A short video from the 2017 ceremony can be found below.

If you wish to qualify through CILEX but have not studied yet, you can qualify via our CILEX Professional Qualification (CPQ) route.