Work Based Learning

Work Based Learning

In order to apply for Fellowship, in addition to providing evidence of your qualifying employment, you must demonstrate that you meet 8 competencies, which have been broken down into 27 learning outcomes. This process is known as Work Based Learning portfolio (‘WBL’). 

Your completed application and portfolio of evidence will be reviewed to determine whether you have demonstrated the necessary level of experience over an adequate period of time. Where necessary, further information may be requested from you in support of your application.

It is also possible to apply for Fellowship and probate practice rights at the same time, which you can read in more detail about here.


The fee for the Fellowship application via Work-based Learning is £300 (non-refundable). 



For more information on how to submit your application, please see the following page.

A guide to Qualifying Employment & Work-Based Learning:

The handbook and application form provides all of the scheme documents, together with guidance, which has been developed to help you complete your application. This includes worked examples of what is required to demonstrate meeting the learning outcomes. 

The Day One Outcomes function as a competence framework for Fellows of CILEX. They set out the knowledge, skills and experience which you must demonstrate before you can be admitted as a Chartered Legal Executive. The CILEX examinations, qualifying employment and work based learning that you undertake will enable you to satisfy the requirements of the Day One Outcomes

For more Work Based Learning resources, please see here.