Law Graduate – Dayne

Daisy DayneThe Law Graduate

Dayne Daisy
Technical Claims Supervisor,
DAC Beachcroft LLP

The Graduate Fast-track Diploma (GFTD) has given me a clear, efficient and rewarding route to qualification as a lawyer based on the specialist knowledge and experience I have gained in my desired field of practice.

CILEx has given me a secure route to qualify as a lawyer without having to worry about the potential of never obtaining a training contact. This route has benefited me financially as my employer, DAC Beachcroft, has paid for my GFTD; therefore I have avoided the costs of the LPC.

CILEx has meant that I have been able to develop further in my legal career in terms of management, legal skills and experience. I started at my current firm as a Paralegal in April 2013 and since then I have been promoted twice within 12 months from Paralegal to Senior Paralegal and then to my current role of Technical Claims Supervisor. I now aim to become a CILEx Litigator and a Chartered Legal Executive Advocate.

In my role I coordinate a team of paralegals, both junior and senior, through providing technical supervision in respect of all aspects of employers’ liability claims from inception to conclusion. I handle my own caseload of more complex claims for nominated clients from inception to repudiation or settlement of damages and costs.

I hope my career path with CILEx will inspire others to consider alternative routes into the legal profession .I recently signed up to Inspiring the Future, a scheme which connects teachers with volunteers to provide young people with first-hand career insights. I have recently been invited back to the college where I started my legal education to give a speech to my former tutors and current Further and Higher Education students on my career to date, with particular emphasis put on the CILEx route to qualification as a lawyer.