ACILEX guide for employers

ACILEX Employer Guide

We recruit, we recognise, we retain ACILEX!

We understand the need for a diverse and talented legal practice to help meet clients’ expectations, be profitable, sustainable and retain a happy, motivated workforce. 

What happens when experienced and talented paralegals leave your business to hunt down a professional status? Can you meet clients’ expectations of being dealt with by regulated professionals? Can you afford to compete with other employers? 

We recognise the many hundreds of unregulated professionals working in almost every UK legal entity who strive for recognition, to be valued and to be supported. We also know training contracts are not always a best-fit solution for individuals or employees. So what do you do to recognise and retain your best employees? 

Get the edge!

What if your paralegals could qualify for a professional status and gain access to a respected membership community with independent regulation, simply by doing their job? Our Associate Membership grade (ACILEX) offers individuals just this.

You can benefit from bulk ACILEX membership fee discounts to build a network of strong, valued and respected legal professionals within your business. 

For law practices looking to stand out from the rest, to recruit, recognise and retain, re-present your talented professionals today, be an ACILEX employer.

How to be an ACILEX Employer 

Which employees can join? ACILEX membership is available to graduates with Qualifying Law Degree (or equivalent) and those who have completed their CILEX Level 3 Professional Diploma in Law and Practice.  


  • Registration/reinstatement £40
  • Annual ACILEX Membership subscription: £197
  • Exemption application fee £50 

Take a look at our exemptions information to see if your employees fit the ACILEX criteria and qualify for an exemption.