JDP Overview

The CILEX Judicial Development Programme

The Judicial Development Programme is currently under review, so we are unable to accept applications at this time.


What is it?

The Judicial Development Programme has been developed by CILEX to support our members who wish to learn more about applying for Judicial Appointment and Coronial Office.

Our aim is to provide members with information, support, training, mentoring and encouragement which shall assist in preparing for the appointment process to become a Judge or Coroner.

The overall purpose of the Judicial Development Programme is to assist the member in deciding whether or not they would like to apply for Appointment and if so supporting them in their decision in a practical way.

Who can apply?

Fellows with 5 years PQE may apply to take part in the CILEX Judicial Development Programme.

When will the Judicial Development Programme be open for applications?

The Judicial Development Programme (online) is now open for applications. We accept applications all year round and are happy to reserve places in this instance for future rounds when they become available.

There are only 8 spaces per cohort for our online delivery option so we advise booking early to avoid disappointment.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions we are unable to deliver in person training events at present and therefore the programme will now be delivered online and accommodates 8 members per round. 

Is there a cost?

The cost to join the CILEX Judicial Development Programme is £495. This includes the training course itself as well as our judicial/coroner matching service.

How many members will be able to take part in the CILEX Judicial Development Programme?

A maximum of 8 members will be able to participate in the Judicial Development Programme (online) during each round and we plan to run the programme periodically throughout the year.

This number is small in order that we are able to fully support each member enrolled ensuring all of the training, mentoring and support elements within the programme are effective.

How do I apply?

The Judicial Development Programme is currently under review, so we are not accepting applications at this time.



Learning Outcomes

– Be able to effectively complete the JAC competency-based application form
– Maximise the use of independent assessor/referee input
– Anticipate questions for both the telephone and face to face interviews and practice responding successfully
– Develop an action plan to prepare for the current/next competition

Phase 1

Members shall take part in our “Give Yourself the Advantage” interactive webinar led by Manjula Bray. Spread over the course of a working day, this course will equip delegates with the skills to help enhance your application and interview performance.

Developed specifically for Chartered Legal Executive applicants, this intensive training will focus on tailoring your submission to make a positive impact in the competency based application and selection process.

You will receive practical advice on completing the application form, incorporating your experiences and invaluable interview practice with feedback. 

Phase 2

Members shall have the opportunity to be matched with a judicial/coroner mentor and attend a series of mentoring sessions.

Judges/Coroners shall be invited to attend these sessions to provide mentoring to our members in a small group environment or 1-1. These sessions are to last between 40 mins – 1 hour and shall be face to face. Location to be agreed between member and judicial/coroner mentor.

Please note in person mentoring sessions and judicial/coroner work shadowing will not be able to be arranged whilst the COVID-19 government restrictions are in place, however we will still match you with a judicial/coroner mentor in order that you can benefit from speaking with them in a virtual environment or on the telephone should you wish.

Phase 3

CILEX shall remain in contact with you at regular intervals throughout your participation in the programme with an action planning session which may be conducted over the telephone or via Zoom facility or similar.

This will act as a goal setting tool and enable CILEX to track your progress in applying for Judicial/Coroner Appointment.

CILEX may also invite partners such as LawCare to speak with members during this phase of the programme to provide wellbeing support where needed.


JDP Case Study – Rachael Catherine Joyce FCILEX:

I always knew I wanted to be a Judge, since completing my first court hearing at the age of 24, at Dudley County Court.

Throughout my early career within private practice, people would say to me that I should consider the judicial route. This increased my desire to apply for a judicial training programme as soon as I was able.

So in 2020, I decided to apply for the CILEX Judicial Development Programme, not expecting to obtain a place.  Before I knew it I had completed the training, and was well on my way with two judicial mentors, with my first shadowing session taking place remotely. I meet my mentors remotely each month at present to go through my work for the required competencies.

I am now looking forward to attending a further shadowing session and taking part in police misconduct hearings in the next month. My first police misconduct attendance will be a two-day hearing taking place in the North East.

Alongside this, I work full time as an in-house lawyer. I have also become a trustee of a homeless charity in Leamington Spa.

My aim is and always has been, to help achieve justice, evidence fair decisions and have the final say on matters, to ensure consistency throughout the legal system. My goal is to be a Full Time District Judge within the Warwickshire circuit.

I am so glad I made the decision to apply, I couldn’t be happier with the work I am doing and my progress to date. I will continue to develop and evidence my skills required for appointment in order to exercise judgment to the best of my ability.