Looking to Set Up Your Own Legal Firm?

Looking to Set Up Your Own Legal Firm? 

Many legal professionals aspire to set up and run their own legal firms independently, but it can be a daunting prospect and seem like a big step to take.

At CILEX, we have worked tirelessly to ensure that all our members can apply for practice rights to enable them to carry out reserved legal activities and to enable them to run their own firms independently.

We have made the process simple and straightforward and our dedicated advisors are always on hand to help and guide throughout the process.

There are many benefits to setting up your own firm, including:

  • Being your own boss and being on an equal footing with other practitioners
  • Increasing your earning potential and professional status
  • Clearly communicating your areas of specialism to consumers, as we will authorise your firm by the individual practice rights
  • Enabling you to set up with other legal professionals to deliver legal services
  • Being part of a recognised and regulated community

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