In Independent Practice

I am not employed in a solicitors firm, or supervised by a solicitor, what rights are open to me?

A member in independent practice, i.e. not working under the supervision of a solicitor or authorised litigator, has no automatic rights of audience as they are not authorised to conduct litigation.

Fellows can now acquire rights as litigators, together with advocacy rights linked to their area of specialism. They will then be able to undertake litigation independently. More information about the new rights can be found here.

An exception to this is in the small claims track of the county court where a litigant may be represented by a lay representative. This is set in The Lay Representatives (Right of Audience) Order 1999. However, this is limited. Please refer to the Order for the limitations. It is important to note a member who is not employed by an authorised litigator or solicitor must not have conduct of the litigation (see the rights and responsibilities questions on Reserved Legal Activities).

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