Can a Chartered Legal Executiv

Can a Chartered Legal Executive Advocate join the Duty Rota Scheme?


Following years of CILEx campaigning, the Law Society finally permitted our Advocate members to join its Criminal Litigation Accreditation Scheme (CLAS). Once a Chartered Legal Executive Advocate is a member of the CLAS, they can apply to the Legal Aid Agency to add their name to the Duty Rota Scheme.

What do I need to do now?

In order to join the CLAS, our Chartered Legal Executive Advocates are required to have passed the Police Station Qualification (PSQ), which many of our CILEx Advocates have already done, and the Magistrates Court Qualification (MCQ). This does mean that members will need to complete and pass the MCQ following the CILEx Advocacy qualification. There are four training providers where you can register for the MCQ:

I’ve passed the MCQ, how do I join the CLAS?

Complete the application form on the Law Society’s webpage found here.

Once the Law Society has confirmed you are a member of the CLAS, you are able to include your name on the duty rota form which will be sent by your firm to the Legal Aid Agency

Future developments for CILEx Advocates

We continue our discussions with the relevant stakeholders to gain further recognition for our Advocates, in the hope that CILEx can establish its own accreditation scheme. This is likely to take some time.

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