Sign a Certificate of Title

Can I sign a Certificate of Title?

As a Certificate of Title is not a ‘reserved instrument’ under the Legal Services Act 2007 there is nothing from a regulatory perspective that prevents a member of CILEx from signing one provided they are complying with the CILEx Code of Conduct. You should however be authorised by your firm to sign the form, and ideally your firm should have appropriate procedures in place that manage the risks involved in conveyancing work, including the authority to sign off documents.

Please note that most Land Registry forms require the authorised person to be the signatory. Other forms involved in conveyancing may need to be signed by an authorised person. Currently members are not able to independently conduct reserved instrument activities, unless they have obtained the CILEx Conveyancing Practice rights. You can read further information on the practice rights here

Amongst other exemptions, members can conduct reserved instrument activities as an exempt person when under the supervision of an authorised person; usually a solicitor or licensed conveyancer. (See schedule 3 of the Legal Services Act 2007).

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