Recognised body with SRA

How would a firm become a recognised body with the SRA?

If a new firm, whether it is a partnership, LLPs and companies, which wishes to be regulated by the SRA, must apply to them directly for approval.

Chartered Legal Executives are classed in the ‘other lawyer’ category, which is another term for a non-solicitor lawyer.

All proposed managers must meet the character and qualification requirements. They must declare whether they have been subject to or affected by any of the following:

  • Disciplinary sanction
  • Section 43 order
  • A recognised body of which they managed ore owned being intervened
  • Disqualified from acting as a HOLP, HOFA or manager
  • Refused authorisation as a recognised sole practitioner
  • Had their practising certificate revoked

Also the firm must ensure that that the non-solicitor lawyer manager meets that character and qualification requirements by obtaining written confirmation from the relevant regulator of the non-solicitor lawyer. CILEx provides this written confirmation in the form of a Certificate of Good Standing. (see below)

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