LPC Graduate Sylvia

Sylvia ChanThe LPC Graduate

Sylvia Chan
Chartered Legal Executive and Senior Employment Executive
The Co-Operative Legal Services

Becoming a CILEx Fellow has increased my earning capacity and potential as well as my confidence.

I became a CILEx Fellow by completing a law degree and then the Legal Practice Course (LPC) before completing my qualifying employment to become a Chartered Legal Executive lawyer.

I decided to join CILEx as I wanted to improve my career progression and as a result, I am able to gain more private fee-paying work.

My advice to anyone wanting to study law would be to consider CILEx as a different route; you can learn on the job and gain practical experience whilst becoming qualified at the same time. This most definitely increases your chances of employment.

I would also recommend that you try to obtain as much legal and commercial work experience as possible – it certainly helped me being on the student law society committee as well as playing rugby; law firms and employers like people to have something extra than just working 9 to 5.