LPC Graduate – Oliver

Oliver LutnerThe LPC Graduate

Oliver Lutner
Conveyancing Executive
Terry Jones Solicitors

For those considering studying the LPC, I would recommend the CILEx Route as more cost effective and flexible whilst providing greater opportunities for those wanting to qualify.

After completing my LPC, I began working as a paralegal at a solicitors’ firm in their property department. I was introduced to CILEx through a colleague, who was studying to become a Chartered Legal Executive and, after carrying out some further research, the CILEx route really appealed to me.

I realised that I could continue to work in an area of law which I really enjoyed, whilst gaining a recognised practising qualification at the same time.

I believe CILEx offers an ideal route for those who know which area of law they wish to practise, without having the worry of securing a training contract. With a training contract, there is no guarantee that you will be working in the electives of your choice or have a secure job after completion.

Working with Chartered Legal Executives has proven to me that there is greater opportunity for CILEx members to progress their careers as they are given much more recognition within the legal sector.

Becoming a member of CILEx has given me the confidence to move forward with my career in an area of law chosen by me.