ACILEX guide for recruiters

We know recruiters have to juggle meeting the needs of your clients and the expectations of candidates. Legal practices are increasingly diverse and require a range of experience, personalities and skills but they all have one thing in common: the need to recruit and retain talented individuals, at all levels. 

CILEX works with employers and recruitment companies to identify and solve the problems of high turnover and de-motivated individuals, often attributed to employees’ need to seek a professional status. 

We know individuals want to be counted, to be valued and to be part of a recognised community – to claim a status and enhance their position and value within a firm. Employers want to reduce their turnover, retain talent and to progress individuals from all backgrounds. 

Imagine if, as a recruiter, you could help solve all their problems? 

Our Associate Membership grade provides paralegals and those with a qualifying law degree a recognised status, simply for doing their job!

An ACILEX individual:

  • Has a professional status (with the designation ‘ACILEX’) – no more vague titles or roles!
  • Has a recognised badge of competence that offers quality assurance for employers and clients through independent regulation and the CILEX Code of Conduct – offering accountability, helping to meet clients’ expectations and career progression at the highest level

  • Belongs to the respected and recognised CILEX community

  • Has access to a career pathway and our experienced professional development support.


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An ACILEX employer:

  • Recognises and values all of their employees
  • Can evidence a culture of development within their organisation
  • Knows their ACILEX employees will be driven to build their knowledge, skills and career within their firm
  • Gains employees with an easy-to-identify set of role attributes – making it easy to identify what candidates do, compare skills and employ the best!
  • May benefit from bulk ACILEX membership fee discounts and build a network of strong, valued and respected legal professionals within their organisation.

View the full range of ACILEX benefits for employers.

How can you work with CILEX?

We are looking for recruiters that want to offer something more to their clients and help them to attract the best candidates.

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