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Chartered Legal Executives as Coroners

Fellows can apply for coronial offices since 2013. The Judicial Appointments Order 2008 (the 2008 Order) made under section 51(1) of the 2007 Act made provision for suitably qualified Fellows being eligible for the prescribed judicial offices.

The intention of the 2008 Order was to remove barriers to judicial appointments and to encourage greater diversity. The 2008 order made Fellows of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEX) eligible for a range of judicial posts such as Deputy District Judge and Judge of the First-tier Tribunal, but not coronial appointments.

The Judicial Appointments (Amendment) Order 2013 No: 3022 added coroners to that list.”

What qualifications do coroners have?

Since 2013 newly appointed coroners must have the five year judicial eligibility qualification (like all judges) which requires five years of legal practice or part-time 3 judicial practice.

How do you become a coroner?

If you have the necessary qualifications (as above) you can apply to become an assistant coroner when a vacancy is advertised by a local authority. All appointments are made by local authorities and require the consent of the Chief Coroner and the Lord Chancellor.  You will also find vacancies are advertised by the Coroners Society of England & Wales.

How can I prepare to become a coroner?

The Judicial Office provides guidance on how you may apply to become an assistant or Senior Coroner on their website. 

The Chief Coroner for England & Wales has published a useful guide “HOW TO BECOME A CORONER A SHORT GUIDE FOR LAWYERS” which outlines the eligibility criteria for coronial office as well as useful suggestions on how you may attain valuable work experience and skills relevant to an application to become a coroner. 

There are also training courses run by the judicial office for members of the legal professions interested in preparing to apply for coronial office.

Over the last few years the Chief Coroner has run a number of workshops (limited to 30 places on each course) for those seeking appointment as a coroner. These workshops have taken two main forms: a workshop for those seeking an appointment as an assistant coroner and a separate workshop for those assistant coroners seeking appointment as an area coroner or a senior coroner. These workshops have taken place in the Royal Courts of Justice in Central London. No fee is payable for attending this course and travel costs cannot be reimbursed, but the aim of the workshop is to better prepare those interested in appointment. If you are interested in attending one of these workshops you should register your interest with the Chief Coroner’s office – [email protected].

The CILEX Judicial Development Programme

The CILEX Judicial Development Programme is also suitable for members wishing to prepare to apply to become a Coroner. 

The training day “Give Yourself the Advantage” delivered as part of the programme will equip delegates with the skills to help enhance your application and interview performance.

This intensive training will focus on tailoring your submission to make a positive impact in the competency based application and selection process.

The programme also matches members with a judicial mentor or Coroner mentor allowing the member to gain valuable hands on experience of the role. 

To find out more and complete an application form to join the CILEX Judicial Development Programme please click here.

How to register your interest in becoming a coroner

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a coroner please email [email protected].

Are you already a coroner?

If you are CILEX member already appointed as a coroner we would like to hear from you.  Please contact us at [email protected].

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