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Welcome to the CILEX online membership registration service, click here to join as a new member of CILEX.

To find out more about which grade of membership you would enter into, have a look at our Membership Grades and Fees page.

There are a number of membership grades open to you, all of which will provide access to a great range of member benefits and services.

Reinstate as a CILEX Member

Looking to reinstate as a member of CILEX? Please ensure you call the CILEX Membership Contact Centre on 01234 845 777 or enquire here to go through the reinstatement process, as we will need to send you a unique link to reinstate your membership with us.

Your Right to Cancel:

You can cancel your application within 14 days of the application being received by CILEX. Fees will not be refunded or credited after the cancellation period.

For new and existing member enquiries contact the CILEX Membership Contact Centre on 01234 845 777 or please click here