Support for Learning and Development

CILEX Support for Learning & Development

At CILEX we have developed our pathways to success to help every individual achieve their own unique aspirations and ambitions, whilst ensuring they are equipped to deliver operational effectiveness and add real value to your business and your clients.

Flexibility is key. That is why we take into account every individual’s specific qualifications as well as their experience to identify the right pathway that is designed for the outcomes and professional levels needed be it to become a specialist paralegal, lawyer or practitioner. This gives your employees the right qualifications whilst helping you to drive your business forward.

Learning and Qualifying with CILEX

At CILEX we understand that everyone has different work and life pressures and constraints. So we have developed our learning to be fully accessible allowing learners to access what they need, when they need it.

People can learn and qualify with CILEX in a variety of ways to suit the needs of your business or those of your staff. Apprenticeships, full or part time learning, evening classes at night-schools, local accredited centres e-learning are all available, allowing learners to fit their study around work, life and family commitments.

Our learning and support doesn’t end when learners qualify.  CILEX members have ongoing access to our competence based CPD and will be required to meet Continuing Professional Development standards to keep up their membership. Networking and development through CILEX local branches allows members access to knowledge and peer support and there is the opportunity within the branches to practise skills such as developing leadership capability. We support our members throughout their legal careers, whether they want to just stay up-to-date or develop or simply return after a period of absence.

You can view our generic pathways to see how you can fulfil the roles in your practice for general and specialist areas of practice.

For further information or to talk about specific pathways for your business, please contact our experienced team of qualified advisors who are ready to help.

Tailored Training and Accreditation

In order to be able to provide a truly tailored approach resulting in you having the staff you need with the qualifications and training appropriate to your business, CILEX offers customised and endorsed programmes.

We can also endorse your in-house training or the academy courses that you have developed. Carrying the CILEX logo will show that your training programme meets the high quality standards of a recognised and respected legal body witRoyal Charter status.

  • Attract the best employees
  • Improve retention of skilled staff
  • Demonstrate a commitment to all that staff training is a priority and important to you as a business
  • Stand out from your competitors
  • Map your programmes to the CILEX professional qualifications

You can get in touch with our experienced team of qualified advisors who are ready to help you to get the right training and assessment standards for your team.

Consultation and Advice for your Firm

Our learning is fully accessible; we enable learners to build on current qualifications and/or experience allowing them access to exactly what they need, when they need it and how they need to access it. We are the ideal choice for supporting or developing your staff members whilst minimising disruption to your business. The differing backgrounds and experiences of your employees and the specific needs of your business may mean that the best way to ensure the right pathways for your team is to talk to our experienced team of qualified advisors – particularly if you think, those needs are out of the ordinary. We are ready to help.