CILEX End-Point Assessment Service (EPA)

CILEX is the only Independent End-Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) approved by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) to deliver EPA for the Paralegal and Chartered Legal Executive apprenticeships. 

As your EPAO, CILEX will not only design, develop and deliver quality robust assessments, which fit with the specific needs of the legal sector, but can also support your training and delivery of the On-Programme learning. 

Paralegal and Chartered Legal Executive End-Point Assessments are structured as follows:

EPA Diagram

Registering End-Point Assessments for Legal Apprenticeships

End-Point Assessments must meet the Apprenticeship Standards set by employer groups. CILEX is aware that there are a wide range of differing Paralegal roles. In order for assessments to be adequately matched to an apprentice’s role, it is important for CILEX to receive information early. By registering Apprentices with CILEX when an Apprenticeship commences, we can work with you and the employer to ensure that:

• Apprentices have met the necessary gateway requirements for their EPA.
• The appropriate type of assessment in relation to the relevant standards are set.
• Assessment resources and facilities are in place at the right time.

Click to request our Apprenticeship Registration Form to register your Paralegal or Chartered Legal Executive Apprentice. 

A diagram showing the Apprenticeship Journey from start to EPA can be found in our guide to Legal Apprenticeships.

On Programme Delivery Support 

CILEX qualifications are available to support the on-programme learning for the Paralegal apprenticeship and are mandatory for the Chartered Legal Executive apprenticeship. The links below will provide you with further information on the qualifications available:

Paralegal apprentice: 

Level 3 Certificate in Law and Practice 

Chartered Legal Executive apprenticeship:

Level 3 Diploma in Law & Practice
Level 6 Diploma in Law & Practice

Detailed mock assessments and guides will be available for both standards, ensuring apprentices have a full understanding of the assessment process and requirements. 

End-Point Assessment Fees 

We have a transparent pricing structure for our EPA service. For a full breakdown of the EPA fees contact please contact us via the general enquiry form.

A registration fee will be payable at the start of the Apprenticeship to register Apprentices. The remaining balance of the EPA fee will then be payable to reserve dates for an Apprentice’s end-Point Assessment. 

Paralegal Apprentices who join as members of CILEX will receive a discount on the standard fee for End-Point Assessment as membership results in reduced administrative costs.

Next Steps

If you are interested in using CILEX as your EPAO and/or you would like more information regarding the delivery of legal apprenticeships, please contact us.

You can find further information on Legal Apprenticeship topics on our dedicated Apprenticeship Frequently Asked Questions page.

You can also contact us for further information using the contact us form or by using the details below:- 

Further details about the Paralegal and CLE Apprenticeships can be found in our Employer Guides.

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