Graduate Membership

Graduate Membership

Graduate Membership Journey

What is GCILEx?

GCILEx is the CILEx Graduate Membership Grade. GCILEx offers support to graduate paralegals, senior paralegals and law graduates wishing to develop their professional status and become qualified lawyers and authorised persons in their own right.

Extensive employee benefits are available to your staff with GCILEx Membership, supporting them throughout their qualifying employment and into their legal practice career.

What are the benefits of GCILEx?

GCILEx Membership benefits everyone – your business, your employee and your clients.

  • Your business benefits from a motivated workforce, enhanced staff retention and an increased number of regulated senior paralegals.
  • Your employee gains membership of a Chartered professional organisation, access to the associated membership benefits, competence based CPD and the use of designatory letters GCILEx after their name.
  • Your clients benefit from working with regulated senior paralegals and a continuity of quality assured service.

How do I become a GCILEx employer?

Employees who have completed their CILEx Level 6 Higher Professional Diploma in Law and Practice, Law Graduates (GDL/LLB) who have completed a Graduate Fast-Track Diploma or those who are exempt with LPC or BPTC, are eligible for GCILEx Membership. 

When developing Senior Paralegals into full fee earning, authorised Chartered Legal Executive lawyers, GCILEx Membership will support them through the required minimum 1 year post-GCILEx period which forms part of the overall Qualifying Employment requirement (3 years).

What is the cost?

There is a one-off registration/reinstatement cost of £40 for non-CILEx Members and an annual GCILEx Membership subscription of £240.

NB exemption fees may be applicable please refer to the CILEx exemptions guidance

Contact us to find out more about membership options.

Once you have been upgraded as a Graduate member you will be invited to attend the CILEx Graduation and Admission ceremony. A short video from the 2017 ceremony can be found below.