Fellow – Chartered Legal Executive

FCILEX: the CILEX Fellowship Grade

Fellow Journey

What is a FCILEX?

FCILEX is the CILEX Fellowship Grade which offers Chartered Legal Executives Authorised Person status and access to a respected membership community with independent regulation.

Extensive employee benefits are available to CILEX Fellows supporting them throughout their legal professional career, as well as further progression opportunities such as advocacy and litigation rights.

What are the benefits of Fellowship?

Supporting Fellowship benefits your business, your employee and your clients.

  • Your business benefits from a motivated workforce, enhanced staff retention and an increased number of regulated Chartered Legal Executive who can compete equally with other lawyers.
  • Your employee gains Fellowship of a Chartered organisation, a competence based CPD requirement, is eligible to use the term Chartered Legal Executive lawyer and is granted the use the designatory letters FCILEX.
  • Your clients benefit from working with regulated Chartered Legal Executive lawyers and from continuity of quality assured service.

How do I become an employer of Chartered Legal Executives?

  • To become a Chartered Legal Executive, a period of Qualifying Employment is required. As an employer, you can support your staff to fulfil the requirements of Qualifying Employment over the three year period (one of which must be completed as a GCILEX), in which your employee is to be employed either: 
        • by an Authorised Person in private practice
        • by an organisation where the employment is subject to the supervision of an Authorised Person
        • by an Authorised Person employed in duties of a legal nature
        • working for a minimum of 20 hours per week in work wholly of a legal nature
  • To qualify as a CILEX Fellow, applicants need to demonstrate 8 competencies against a range of learning outcomes. They do this by creating and submitting a Work-based Learning Portfolio containing evidence of their knowledge, experience and skills based upon their own work experience.

What is the cost?

Details of current membership subscription fees may be found by visiting the membership  grades & fees page.

Contact us to find out more about membership options.

Once you have been admitted as a Fellow you will be invited to attend the CILEX Graduation and Admission ceremony. Short videos from previous ceremonies can be found below.

CILEX Graduation Video - 2016 CILEX Graduation Video - 2017 CILEX Graduation Video - 2018 CILEX Graduation Video - 2019