CILEX Membership Grades

CILEX Membership Grades 

For many professionals, achieving CILEX professional membership is a significant milestone in their career that deserves to be recognised. Professional membership for paralegal, senior paralegals and Chartered Legal Executives comes with designations to support their status, your marketing and client confidence. We offer significant professional membership benefits beyond code of conduct and maintenance of standards. Even school leavers and those at the start of a legal career can find appropriate membership support so there is an suitable option for everyone in your legal team.

We offer five grades of membership. For those starting out or career changers there is a Student or Affiliate membership. Those wishing to get professional qualifications who have the relevant experience or qualifications can join as a CILEX Associate, Graduate member and those who want to progress to become a CILEX lawyer can apply to become a Fellow after graduation and a Work Based Learning period in Qualifying Employment. 

Below is an overview of membership grades supporting the progression of membership following the level of professional and academic achievement. 

 Student MemberAffiliate MemberAssociate Member 2  Graduate Member Fellow 

Each of our membership levels are closely aligned to business roles and responsibilities, ensuring that they reflect and support your organisation’s hierarchy and structure.

Having CILEX professionals such as paralegals and lawyers in your team at any membership level, is good for your business. You will have engaged employees who are motivated. You can have the confidence and assurance that each member is governed by Code of Conduct and maintains a high level of professionalism at all times. Supporting membership supports increased retention and the ability to promote from within.